Becky Jones’s Step 4 Love fundraising

Becky Jones's Step 4 Love fundraising
Start time May 01, 2021
Finished Time May 31, 2021 23:59
Becky Jones's Step 4 Love fundraising

As the daughter of Jo Jowett and step daughter of Ron Jowett, I feel I have a unique view on what they work for and what they achieve. I have seen first hand the unconditional and pure love and kindness that they express towards anyone who requires their help.

Love, Light, Romania is close to my heart, not just because Jo and Ron are my parents, but because the individuals they help are treated like actual family, never anything less. Jo and Ron will stop at nothing to help others and I have seen first-hand the long days and nights, their hard work and effort and also their amazing results. This is why I am participating in the step4love challenge and raising money for Love, Light, Romania.

40% funded
I've raised €199,00 of the €500,00 I'm targeting!