World AIDS Day 2020

World AIDS Day 2020

December 1, 2020
Today is World Aids day. Today we raise awareness of HIV and Aids. Over the years the medical treatment for HIV and Aids has got so much better.

When Love Light Romania’s founders first started working in Romania in the late 90’s, children suffering from the disease didn’t live very long. People never die because of HIV or AIDS. They die because they don’t have a strong enough immune system and they get ill with other infections, such as TB.

The biggest killer of HIV infected people is STIGMA. People don’t understand the virus, both infected people and healthy people. HIV treatment has advanced so much recently that you can expect to live a long life whilst being infected with HIV, and the most amazing thing is, that if you take the correct medicines and have regular checkups then you can get to a stage (viral suppression) and this means that you cannot pass the disease onto others.

One of our main projects is providing HIV positive people with free transport to hospitals for test and checkups. This is so important, that it could be something that can stop HIV infections.

Our vision is a world with no more new HIV infections. If any of this interest you, then please get in contact with us.