Support for Ukraine

24 February 2022 this is when the lives of all Ukrainians changed

A women that we provided transport for told us of how she was having a normal a normal day. She collected her child from school, had a normal evening and then went to bed. Then at 05:00 in the morning they were woken by a rocket sticking a building near their house. After living for 4 days in the underground stations, she left with her child to Romania. She left her husband behind and just thought of her son. They traveled for 15 hours on a crowded train where they couldn’t even get up to go to the toilet. Her son had to urinate in a bottle. When she got to Romania she cried for 2 weeks, scared and lost. Her live had been turned upside down.

We will not abandon humanity

Love Light Romania has been providing transport for Ukrainians from the border to safe homes in Romania, mainly the cities of Sibiu and Medias. We have also been transporting humanitarian aid up to the border. Food, clothes, blankets, medical items, hygiene and sanitary products and so much more. These have ben used for providing hot meals for Ukrainians that cross the border and also in refugee camps in Ukraine.
We have also been supporting Ukrainians who have been living in our local area of Sibiu and Medias. Sadly, they have travelled with what they could carry. So, we have provided clothes and foot ware, food, hygiene and sanitary products for them.
Another great need is education systems and activities for the children. One woman that we provided transport for was so relieved when she heard that there were projects for children because earlier that day her daughter had asked, he, “Mummy, when will I be able to play with children again?” On a local level we are helping adults to find employment and helping them to learn Romanian and English.

What are we currently doing

  • We are still continuing our trips to the border with humanitarian aid and to provide transport for refugees.
  • We are providing educational support for refugee children who live in our local area.
  • We are providing help for adults to find employment.
  • We are providing humanitarian aid for refugees in our local area.
  • We are providing transport on a local basis both for children to get to school and also for adults.

What we need your help to do

This crisis is forever evolving and so are our support projects. We are collecting funds for our trips to the border and also for our local support projects. We want to find a specific building that we can use as a school. This building will house all our local support projects. We also want to rent a local warehouse and use this as a place where we can give out humanitarian aid. Clothes, food, sanitary products and hygiene products.

Several ways you can donate

We are currently seeing a huge humanitarian disaster just across the border and we cannot stand still and not do anything. There are women and children abandoning their families, lives and homes and traveling to country where they have nothing. They have just what they can carry.