Ed Gifford

Recently we made a visit to the project at Jacodu and on the way back we stopped at the homes of the families who use it. It made me realise the massive difference Love Light Romania make to people living in desperate poverty, who would otherwise remain forgotten and excluded from society. Love Light Romania […]

Audrey Pegrum

Since the formation of Love Light Romania many children now have a quality of life they must never have envisaged. While I stayed with them it was great to see them so happy and for those who were not so well the care and attention they got was amazing. Every penny raised for Love Light […]

Robin Nydes

For anyone who has ever loved a child, you will be moved by the extraordinary work of Love Light Romania. It has given these children love and hope, when they were faced with loneliness and despair. If you are lucky enough to see the work of Love Light Romania, it will make an impression on […]

Marcus Abbott

Living Well Church is delighted to be connected with the work of Love Light Romania. We have been involved since 2008 and it forms a significant part of our mission activity as a church. We have raised money and have also had the opportunity to travel to Romania and provide hands on support. The work […]