If you’re looking for a new experience, then why not take a volunteer placement with Love Light Romania where you can make a difference. You will live amongst and experience a new culture and make lasting friendships.

The volunteer experience is just as important for Love Light Romania as it is for the volunteer. Being a volunteer can give you a purpose in life, make you happier and it can help build your self-confidence. Whilst at the same time you are providing important help to others. If you feel that Love Light Romania projects would be a place that you would be interesting in volunteering at, then please contact us.


Volunteering at LLR is a life-changing self-affirming experience! Prepare for some hard work which in turn will be amazing fun and change your perspective on life.

– Michelle Harding

Volunteering & Fundraising

Being with the children taught me to see with my heart, not my eyes.

– Coleen Boylan


Fundraising is not just a means of raising money, but also a way to promote the message and goals of a charity. As Love Light Romania is a non-profit organisation, we really hugely on private donations. A great way for people to get involved in our cause is to organise a fundraising event. Fundraising events are not just great for Love Light Romania but also for everybody who takes part in them. You can make new friends; learn new skills and you can raise money doing something that you have built and organised. If you would like to organise a fundraising event for Love Light Romania, then please get in contact with us. We can provide you with all the necessary information and also and tips and ideas that you may need.