Tackling Poverty Love Light Romania is committed to tackling poverty at the root of the problems and we strongly believe that education is the key to breaking these cycles of poverty. Jacodu Education Project A short film highlighting the progress of the Education Program and information for the next stage of its development. Focus on HIV/AIDS Love Light Romania provides support and services to those infected with HIV/AIDS and those who's lives have been affected by the virus.

What We Are Doing ?

HIV/AIDS Support
Love Light Romania is dedicated to providing support services to children, teenagers & families affected by HIV/AIDS.
End of Life Care
We believe that everyone has the right to die with dignity, where they can access medication and not be alone.
Tackling Poverty
Understanding poor family communities, instead of judging them, helps us to stop cycles of poverty in future generations.
Where we work
We have been working in the area of Transylvania, Romania, since 2000. We have projects in Mediaș, Sighişoara and Târgu-Mureș.
Love Light Romania is dedicated to serving marginalized groups in Romania, in both the field of HIV and breaking cycles of poverty. Empowering communities who would otherwise not have the right to a healthy life, education or employment.
To provide material and emotional support to people with HIV/AIDS and those who live well below the poverty line, so that they can have a healthy, safe and prosperous future.
Through listening to people’s individual needs, we can provide a professional plan of action and with our specially trained team we can offer high quality service. By being a voice for those who are weak and discriminated against, we ensure that children, young adults, entire communities do not struggle alone.
Well, when I am asked why Love Light Romania was started and why we have established these projects and live here, I always say for me it is For the Love of God. I know that may sound dramatic but it really is for me, I always wanted to serve and have a deep faith. For me it felt like I was guided to Romania because of circumstances and experiences that took place. Here I found a need of service and it felt that this is where we should establish our NGO and service.
Founder of Love Light Romania

Jo Jowett

Founder and President of Love Light Romania

Ron Jowett

We are committed Christians who on Humanitarian Aid trips to Romania in the 1990s saw the terrible need of the children, and moved to Romania in 2000 with a dream, our love of, and desire to follow Jesus. We have devoted all our time since to our work with sick, dying and disadvantaged children.

“Whoever will not carry the cross that is given to them when they follow me,
cannot be my follower”

– Luke 14:27

Love Light Romania


Currently we are involved in 2 major projects in Romania in the field of HIV and breaking cycles of poverty
HIV/AIDS Support Programs

HIV/AIDS Support Programs

The Sanctuary is the heart of our HIV support programs. These include free transport to hospitals for regular check-ups, medicines and hospital transfers. It is vital that a person who is suffering from HIV stays in control of their disease. If they take their medicines correctly and on time then they can get to a level where they can’t transmit the disease to others.
Jacodu Childrens Project

Jacodu Childrens Project

We have an afterschool program takes place at the Jacodu Children’s Project Learning Center. While the children now attend school more regularly, they still remain illiterate due to poor attendance in the past. A special needs teacher works with small groups of the children using basic teaching methods and tools, which they are able to understand and learn from.

We Need You Help!

Love Light Romania relies solely on private gifts and donations for its projects to continue, expand and launch of new programs. All sponsorship goes directly to the project and not on the salaries of directors. Please help us by making a donation, act now to make a difference by clicking the link on the right. You can make a single donation or setup a monthly standing order. Thank you for your support.
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