Robert Rowe’s Step 4 Love fundraising

Robert Rowe's Step 4 Love fundraising
Start time May 01, 2021
Finished Time May 31, 2021 23:59
Robert Rowe's Step 4 Love fundraising

Love Light Romania means so much to so many people. Everybody who access Love Light Romania’s services are treated the same as everybody else. There is no judgement, nor assumptions when helping people. We provide services to children who are at risk of abandoning school, we see this as the best way to get them our of the inherited poverty that they live in. We give a family life to institutionalized young adults who didn’t have this privilege whilst growing up. And we help people who suffer from HIV to get the correct treatment, up to date medical check ups and emotion support.

If we can help someone, then we will. The money that is raised via this challenge will help us to help more people.

2% funded
I've raised €11,00 of the €500,00 I'm targeting!