HIV/AIDS Support Programs

HIV/AIDS Support Programs

Out of the Sanctuary we run our HIV support programs. These include free transport to hospitals for regular check-ups, medicines and hospital transfers. It is vital that a person who is suffering from HIV stays in control of their disease. If they take their medicines correctly and on time then they can get to a level where they can’t transmit the disease to others via sex.

We also run support groups out of the Sanctuary. These are open to all the HIV sufferers on our local area. We talk about the latest news regarding HIV, let people talk freely about what they are experiencing, we sometimes offer gifts such as hygiene products. The Sanctuary is a safe place for people wo suffer from HIV, they can talk freely and are accepted.

HIV Fast Facts

Pliant informativ despre HIV: cum te poți infecta, cum să te protejezi, cum te poți testa și câteva mituri frecvent întâlnite.

N=N. Nedetectabil = Netransmisibil (Romanian)

Știați că dacă aveți o încărcătură virală nedetectabilă, urmând terapia antiretrovirală, transmiterea virusului HIV este oprită?

U=U. Undetectable = Untransmittable

Did you know that having an undetectable viral load on HIV treatment (ART) stops HIV transmission?