Bianca and Ciprian Employment

Bianca and Ciprian Employment

January 15, 2022
Some great news at Love Light Romania. Ciprian from the Sanctuary project and Bianca from the Jim’s house project have found employment. The goals of both these projects is to help people who have been abandoned by their families and society to find a new life and to live as independently as possible and to be part of society. So, this achievement means that they are another step closer to achieving their goals.

They will be being employed by Sura Culinara, a social enterprise established in the Saxon village of Somartin or Martinsberg.
The purpose of Sura Culinara is to revive and take further traditions specific to Valea Hartibaciului, Tara Fagarasului and Tara Oltului, the village being located at the intersection of these three beautiful lands.
Biana and Ciprian will provide support during the events and workshops organized by Sura Culinara.
This collaboration will help them both build up their confidence in the work place and also give them more independence. Thank you Oana Irina Cringasu for giving them this opportunity.
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