Origami competition launch

Origami competition launch

October 31, 2021
Today we have launched one of our latest fundraising campaigns. An origami competition. The Origami campaign will take place over 6 months from 31st October to 30th April.

There are 2 categories that you can enter, each will have a prize for the best Origami submitted. There will also be seasonal categories for example for Christmas, for Valentine’s Day, for Easter (Romanian). If we secure enough sponsors we may also announce flash competitions.

Winners receive separate diplomas for each category entered. For example, if a participant took part in three nominations, and came in the top 10 entries for each category, then they will receive three diplomas. In addition to this the winner will receive a prize from the category sponsor. Details are here and updated on the website.

If you would like to enter our origami competition then please visit this part of our website and follow all the instructions
Good luck!