Origami Competition
Love Light Romania, (#LoveLightRomania) is a local charity based in Ighisu-Nou near Medias. We provide care facilities (The Sanctuary) to young adults with disabilities, who at the age of 18 have to leave the placement centres where they have lived and who are left abandoned to fend for themselves without the necessary life or social skills to adapt to a non-care home environment. Or they move to an adult centre where they will live the rest of their lives alone and never knowing what a family or life, is really like.

At The Sanctuary we provide programs aimed at helping the residents to learn important life skills, social integration and most importantly it is a family environment for them. Costs are kept low. Just €15 covers a days’ worth of full care, clothing, food etc for residents.

The Covid period of 2020 and 2021 affected all charities typical funding sources, so we have been creative to raise both awareness and funding by introducing a Origami competition, which we hope you will help us take viral. Thank you for reading and hopefully participating.

The Origami campaign will take place over 6 months from 31st October to 30th April. There are 6 categories that you can enter, each will have a prize for the best Origami submitted. There will also be seasonal categories for example for Christmas, for Valentines Day, for Easter (Romanian). If we secure enough sponsors we may also announce flash competitions. Winners receive separate diplomas for each category entered. For example, if a participant took part in three nominations, and came in the top 10 entries for each category, then they will receive three diplomas. In addition to this the winner will receive a prize from the category sponsor. Details are here and updated on the website.

How to register?

  • read the conditions
  • fill the registration application form
  • send us your video performance through WeTransfer to origami@lovelightromania.com (we will upload these on youtube)
  • pay the participating fee (from €5) and send a photo for our online brochure on origami@lovelightromania.com


All participating fees will go directly to the Love Light Romania Sanctuary project and you can view videos and information on the work we do here at vimeo.com.
€15 provides one full day of care for a Sanctuary resident.
There is no age limit on participants.

By sending the link of your video and photo, the participant automatically confirms his/her consent to the use of the material by third parties (organizers, jury members), as well as to post the competition work on the organizer’s website.

The winners of the competition and the holders of special prizes will be announced 15 days after the end of the acceptance of applications for the contest (end date 30th April 2022 for the main competition, dates for flash competitions and seasonal competitions will be announced) and will be published on:

Please note: Diplomas and Prizes will be sent to ALL winning participants of the competition within 7 days from the date of the announcement of the winners.


With all submissions please include a short introduction to yourself and what motivated you to make your submitted origami design. Please keep all video submissions to below 3 minutes. Videos longer than 3 minutes will be rejected.

  • Most viewed Origami. This is where the top 10 most viral viewed origami videos will be entered into the final for the jury to decide a winning entry from the top 10. Please note the most viral entry may not be the eventual winner to prevent entrants using bots or unfair means to increase their views. To increase your views we suggest you make your origami either in a crazy place, larger, a functional/moving origami or make it of a landmark.
  • There will be seasonal competitions. Details of the criteria will be provided when the competition is announced.

Participation Fee

Category 1 – STANDARD:

5 Euro/pers.
1 performance/work video/category entered

Category 2 – PRO:

10 Euro/pers.
up to 3 performances with 1 video for all categories performances/works/category

Competitive requirements, specified in the score sheet of the jury:

  • technique of performance in category
  • composition of video submitted and story which can artistic interpretation of the submission, appearance, general impression

Duration of Video

3 minutes

The prizes are the following:

1st prize 250 Euro
2nd prize 125 Euros
3rd prize 75 Euros

In both categories:

  • participants receive diploma by e-mail
  • opportunity to win discount vouchers from sponsors (draw every 2 months for new submissions in that 2 month period)
  • on request can receive medals – additional cost for delivery by post: 15-25 Euro (depends on package)
  • promotion of your video/work for up to 6 months on Love Light Romania FB/Instagram sites and YouTube


Jury is formed by specialists of art, category sponsors, and approved members of the Organizing Committee of the contest. Decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to review. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury.

Do you have additional questions?

Use our contact form or write us on WhatsApp at

(+40) 0762 613 593